Two new U-Share-funded collaboration projects


Two new projects have been granted funding in U-Share’s call for applications for collaboration projects. The projects have a PI at either SLU or UU, and a postdoctoral researcher with a PhD from the other university.

In the project that will be conducted at Uppsala University, PI Björn Hellman and postdoc Sebastian Lungu-Mitea will use gene-editing technology to create cell lines from fish that can be used for testing environmental toxicity. The aim is to establish a cell line bioassay that can be used as an alternative to toxicity testing in fish embryos or adult fish.

In the project at SLU, PI Erika Roman and postdoc Samer Siwani will study how specific parts of the brain influence each other during emotional responses and learning. They will investigate the mechanisms that drive emotional responses to specific triggers and the formation of such associations in rats.

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