Funding granted for the collaboration project Spinal fusion – new technology


Swelife and Medtech4Health has granted the SLU–UU collaboration project Spinal fusion – new technology SEK 3 million for two years

The funded project focuses on using new biomaterials to achieve spinal fusion and is coordinated by Odd Höglund at SLU, with partners at Uppsala University and Region Uppsala. It is related to the U-Share funded collaboration project A solution for spinal injury: A biomaterial that stabilises injured vertebra and stimulates new bone growth.

The grant was obtained in the Swelife and Medtech4Health call Collaboration projects for better health. The call was aimed for projects that are expected to led to improved prevention, diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of health conditions. In total, 129 applications were submitted in the call, out of which 18 were granted funding.

More information:
Swelife and Medtech4Health (in Swedish)