Volunteers wanted for Soapbox Science event


On 25 May, U-Share will arrange a Soapbox Science event where women scientists from Uppsala’s two universities present their work. We are now looking for volunteers that can help out at the event.

In a Soapbox Science event, women researchers stand on wooden boxes and present their work. Anyone who happens to pass by is welcome to listen, ask questions and interact with the scientists.

The main aim of the event is to bring cutting edge science to the public, in an accessible, fun, free and unintimidating way. It is also intended to promote women scientist and the research they do.

The event cannot be organized without the help of a group of volunteers. We are therefore looking for women and men that can assist by e.g. rounding up the public, supporting the speakers and gathering data.

More information about the event and how to sign up as a volunteer.