Join Soapbox Science Uppsala as a volunteer

Soapbox Science is not just about the speakers. Without a supportive team of committed, enthusiastic people, a Soapbox event simply cannot happen. So join us for an afternoon of fun, informal and inspiring science!

Each event relies on an animated team of up to 20 volunteers. Volunteers play a crucial role in rounding up the public, chatting to them informally about science, supporting the speakers by managing props and helping to calm any pre-box nerves (even then most experienced speakers get a bit jittery!).

Perhaps the most important role of the volunteers is gathering data so we can effectively monitor the success of the event: volunteers carry out the bulk of our streamlined evaluation process, through interviews, observations and counting footfall.

Both women, men and non-binary individuals are welcome as volunteers.

If you’re interested in being a volunteer, please contact Kerstin Henriksson (
If you do, we ask you to commit to attending the event. You’ll need to turn up 1 hour before the event starts for a briefing and training. You’ll also need to stay until up to an hour after the event ends, to help clear up.

We’ll send you a volunteers information pack before-hand, with the contact details of your local organisers, and details on what role you’ve been allocated and at what time.

The event takes place on 21 May, from 13.00 to 16.00, on Celsiustorget in central Uppsala. Here you can see who the speakers are.

Contact: Kerstin Henriksson (

Photo of participants at Soapbox Science 2019
Volunteers, speakers and organisation team at the Soapbox Science event 2019.

Last modified: 2022-05-05